Study diligently and humbled, practice makes perfect

Sports champion stars, music, dance, Star, skilled artisans, masters of acrobatics, is the result of years of hard training before the test day.


Ancient Jichang arrows, worship master fly guard door. Fei Wei said: Rome wasn’t built in a day, do you have the patience 7 Jichang table was determined. Fei Wei said: OK, you don’t go back to practicing bian eyes, when in good shape, and come back to me. JI Chang back practicing for two years. Two years later, he went to GUIWei, Fei Wei said: you go back and practice see very small things, and see very clearly something fuzzy, good shape come back to me. JI Chang back with a hair of thetail tied to a small fly, sweet-scented osmanthus window. Look about it all day, threeyears later. Ji chang eye, the little bug in time Jiao Fang like wheels. He shot an arrow, in the middle of Center of the insect. Ox tail hairs had not broken.


Master point a, you practice hard enough a few years, if it is not training hard. Its not powerful.


In ancient times there is a little oil Weng, he put a coin in the mouth on the bottle, and then pick up the spoon of oil, at the XING keys preserves the small eyelets on the oil into the bottle. Oil as a line, without distortion, punched into, is not filled with coins but no wow. He said, it‘s nothing. But practice makes perfect.


Some great calligrapher. Bu documents Word. Number of water used to stand: theVAT. NET training in Shaolin monks, not number 1year skills can hardly be called master. Bridge, chess, chess player in addition to Reiki, outside perception. ThousandLei Alchemist, to perfection.


On Jia DAO’s poems in the Tang dynasty: ten years rubs a sword, try cream edge Zhu Zhong. Today, shown in June, who has a grievance? · Second Division for three years, a song all my tears flow.


Three Kingdoms Cao network theory of six generations of Yong (City) base cannot be hastily formed, Wal is standing,


Taiping recorded in Northern and Southern dynasties, Sanin Yong Xin Shang Zhicheng and Temple. For calligraphy practice‘m ten urn buried later known as back home


Liu Yuxi in the Tang dynasty: Hai Lu Xin thatch, blowing sand started with metal, Qing Li Fangyi song Mexican pines: , one year after year, sound out a sparse lock smoke. What do not know God’s will, the Tiger claw Dragon scale records.

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