Three sets of 36 meter

Blog China strategy to sort, organize into three sets of 36 stratagems, intobest, strategy, unnecessary.


L: strategies for the meter. Rule, Foundation, community development offundamental importance for these plans. Although the ancient sages, Ming Junying sprouts mentioned. But the original 43 Bu Liujing with shepherd. For example, you want to take, you’ll get will be useful of thousands ofsubjects, Yongji itself should be padded with plot to make themselvesstronger, independent, this is a selfmeter. Ls to it as the first trick


White whitestrong on the one hand, on the other hand cut to trap theopponent weakens, so, book the second trick is a weak enemy terms


One country or group, in addition to the outside of each individual self.Also must be static and in organizations, governing, and not politics, thisis a keep and meter. Shou. Instrument refers to not be passive under attackof the keep, but actively construct within mail, which WeiLi is hard toshake. UE book listed it as the third meter,


Attack battle gauge is proactive, open up a new situation of the West.Pursuit of counsel battle gauge is the first advantage of counsel: politicalwarfare within a Virgin under the disadvantage of strategy. Strategies forthe ingenious plan. Palm aid aircraft fighter gauge theory counsels, actualmeter monographs do not celebrate cheat devices. Counted as psychologicalwarfare tactics. Take account of force for good than again counts as winningcan’t cut a low profile in an attempt to make a comeback plan, especially rel& mention is meters are counted. Making Deji, Xihe Seto shaving othersideas. Here too cunning. Meters are counted are counted towards theconspiracy to counsel, counsel in the past, always wants to buy rival todeath. Fight to the bitter end. Ding in modern society, however, strategy isno longer is the case, but a new spirit. Modern theory of public relationsto say is this: everybody was a winner. Over 36 meters in the absence of acomprehensive legal and contract formed under the societies and Generalhabits, is now under the protection of law and both sides can negotiate,compromise, formed on the basis of this new cooperation,


An unwise move for the account at the end of the book. Raped and specially crafted slick plan, referred to as trickery. Rape much as skillfullyslippery measure used in ancient China, said it was impossible, villains usetrickery to make temporary, and before long had not been raped and peoplehave a right, and was the original revenge of the injured man, and finallyended up we all lose ends, so the end gauge finishing, need a stern warningto the reader:


Harm of heart not has, anti-people of heart not no, by Chinese past was its victims of habits, said these counsel for Ganji, but from counsel learn of angle seems, these counsel should called “late meter”, in international between let out war, and commercial competition war, and sports competitive war in the, these counsel also just worst, is late meter, not is gaoming, not is powerful.